Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The DC Catholic Church

Okay, big shocker. I'm Catholic.

Do I have a problem with what the Church is doing? Yes.

If you're unaware of the situation... Here's a quick fill in.

Recap: Catholic Charities decides to stop giving spousal benefits because of the recent amendment in DC that allows Gay Marriage.

To clarify: Catholic Charities is NOT the distinct opinions and laws of the Catholic Church as a whole. Sure they may be badgered by the USCCB (the governing body of Bishops in America, which are based in DC) and the DC Archdiocese... the blame lies on them. I do not see them turning down support to those outcased by society in the work they do, they don't turn down addicts, prostitutes, single mothers, divorcees, rapists who embody poverty... because, for CHRIST SAKE, Christ never did...

Why do they do it to the people who work for them?

Why is this totally bogus: Because, for one, this sounds just like a power play to me. I'm going to flex my might to get my way, or else... And in reality, they went to an or else situation. The part that gets me most is this, if the CHURCH has a problem with gay sex, is it possible to be married and celebate... and as a gay catholic, consummate the marriage, atone, and then be in full communion with the church again. If the sin lies in the act, then, how is the Church going to regulate the act? It makes no bloody sense... because the church doesn't prosecute adulterers, those out of wedlock, those who use birth control, those who sin... if there is NO SIN that's greater than another, there should be no difference in the eyes of the church between someone who lies to evade

Is the Catholic Faith to blame?

No, because it's less the morality of it, than the rampant conservatism running through the catholic church lately. Its full on turned to straight up republicanism over my lifetime to my dismay. One BIG catholic tenant is that there is no one worse sin than another. If you actually investigate the Church's Catechism (aka, the book of rules), there is a list of mortal sins that EVERY DAY PEOPLE COMMIT... and if one mortal sin is no worse than another, gay sex, theologically, is no worse than bearing false witness... Certainly there's different levels of 'gravity' of sins, but, one mortal sin isn't any worse in the sense that it breaks your communion with the holiest of holies. Living in sin pulls you away from God.

Now, I'm not trying to pull a holy card here, as I haven't been to Church in years, but... I know a fair amount of theology from my time in college. But I know something isn't fundamentally right when I hear of this kind of disenfranchisement.

It's not like they are going into the bedroom and checking out the moral relationships of everyone outside the office.

Catholic Charities in their ethics training course stresses (ppt format):
- A call to live in harmony with an emphasis on human dignity and community and the common good

A great start for working with the poorest of the poor...

-[to be] Universal and inclusive – addresses all humankind (not just Catholicism)

which means, be respectable inside and out to every person you work with, not just in a catholic way, and not just to catholics... all inclusive...

-Catholic Charities respects the religious beliefs and values of all clients, staff and volunteers

WHOA WHOA WHOA... okay. it's my religious belief that two gay people can get married and love each other, and adopt children, who, incidentally, can grow up and be great catholics... and you're going to tell me that staff members values are STILL BEING RESPECTED with this?

-Catholic Charities does not provide services that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church

Sure, you won't provide abortions, or birth control, but is health care and benefits contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church? Hell no, you've been doing it for years for heterosexual couples.

-[Catholic Charaties values] Non-discrimination

I think what we have here is a failure to communicate the policies to some overzealous leaders.

Aye. So, I think we've come to realize that, for the most part, this is a rogue move that's going against the grain of everything Catholic Charities stands for.

I don't see the need for such drastic condemnation, you work with people who exemplify the tenents of Catholic Social Teaching, but you cannot give the same respect to your employees? Despicable. There's no reason, no option, no given implications if you're 'giving gay couples health benefits' that you're saying 'hey, it's totally cool if you marry'. No, A does not mean B. You're not implicitly or explicitly saying you support gay marriage if you give financial support to a gay couple. You're supporting a person, not a 'thing', this person, according to the Catachism again is "not just something, but someone. They are capable of self-knowledge, of self-possession and of freely giving themselves and entering into communion with other persons. And they are called by grace to a covenant with his Creator, to offer them a response of faith and love that no other creature can give in their stead."

I wish that the straight people would be able to sue for some discrimination against Catholic Charities, that they're being discriminated against because the LGBT crowd is being discriminated against.

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